Monday, July 15, 2013

Primetime variety

Is it just me or starting this week will there be at least some variety in primetime?

Sure, there are zero classics and many hours of Family Feud, but come July 15th, the schedule seems refreshed not just in mornings, but for the primetime audience as well.

When block stack scheduling was introduced, with the exception of Monday and Friday, there were five or more straight hours of the same show. On Friday, the classics were the same from the mornings which had be rerun abused since 2009/10, and shows like Million Dollar Password, Power of 10 and 1 vs 100 had already seen their rise and fall in the ratings.

For now, there is some rerun abuse with Chain Reaction, but the daytime numbers say differently. It's sorta worth a chance for Chain Reaction to have space on Mondays and Fridays, for two hours a night. But, past originals that have done well during the day have trended to not succeed in primetime, for example, Catch 21.

Tuesday contains completely New material with Minute to Win It and Steve Harvey's Family Feud, and Wednesday still has a fresh but not "New to GSN" episodes of Family Feud.

Thursday still has The Newlywed Game. Pretty fresh material, with hundreds of episodes. Plus some Harvey Feud that night.

Friday and Saturday are the suck-ish nights for some. Both nights (will) have reruns of Minute to Win It/The Chase, while Sunday still has 5th Grader pulling some nice numbers, 500,000 sometimes and recently one shy of a million.

Considering there was a time a year ago, where Family Feud occupied three whole nights, Newlywed Game and Deal or No Deal, way past their peaks had a whole night and the classics were still there, primetime is seeing some nice changes here in 2013.

I mean, if they really wanted to, they could just fill every night with Harvey Feud from 7pm-12am. Good for the numbers, but not for long.

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