Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Previewed an episode of 'The Chase'

I actually got to see the first fifteen minutes of an episode of The Chase today, a week prematurely. Thank you, family members who work for the network.

Not sure what episode number it was, or when it's going to air, but the contestants were Moly, Christian and Aaron. Some of the first questions, the rapid fire questions were not too difficult, asking some basic questions about the periodic table and world landmarks, even ones that I know. Once again, $5,000 a question really ads up so watch out for some huge cash amounts, for GSN standards. The Beast will tend to offer a cash amount either half of the earned (closer to the bank), and more than double the amount (one step closer to The Beast). Offers...Hmm, remind you of Deal or No Deal?

Of course, we can not forget the host and The Beast. Brooke Burns is in her little outfit and Mark Labbett has his book opening, coming through the red C with stream.

The clip only extended for barely fifteen minutes, so the team versus Labbett was not seen. We'll have to wait until August 6th to see full episodes!

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  1. WARNING: There may be some spoilers here.

    You thought the contestants were good? Aaron got one question right and missed eight. He still gets to play for $5,000. How fair is that? Then Christian misses half of his questions and plays (and wins) for $60,000! Then Moly, who claims she belongs to Mensa, gets one out of 10 correct. You really want the contestants to be "this good?" Obviously, you're in GSN's pocket. And do you really need to see the end to know what the result is? These three contestants were terrible.