Friday, July 19, 2013

Noteworthy numbers...

Scrolling through the July 8-14 GSN ratings from Douglas Pucci:

For the schedule changes which started this week (July 15-21):

34FAMILY FEUDMon8:00PM- 8:30PM300.2413
21FAMILY FEUDMon8:30PM- 9:00PM300.3455
26FAMILY FEUDMon9:00PM- 9:30PM300.3429
25FAMILY FEUDMon9:30PM-10:00PM300.3434
Let's see if Chain Reaction can do better than John O'Hurley's Family Feud, which had one of its best weeks in a while.

120CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Sat10:30AM-11:00AM300.2275
120CHAIN REACTION (GSN)Sun10:30AM-11:00AM300.2275
Oh, and let's see if Love Triangle can match this. Doubtful, but Chain Reaction seems to have a solid audience.

78LINGO (ENGVALL)Mon2:30PM- 3:00PM300.3323
24LINGO (ENGVALL)Tue2:30PM- 3:00PM300.3436
85LINGO (ENGVALL)Wed2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2316
90LINGO (ENGVALL)Thu2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2313
118LINGO (ENGVALL)Fri2:30PM- 3:00PM300.2276
The Pyramid may need to get on steroids, because Lingo (Engvall) had one of it's best weeks in a long time. Look at Tuesday, with a spot in the top 25, beating out primetime airings of Steve Harvey's Family Feud and new Minute to Win It. The Pyramid is at least doing well in other places:
196THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Sun12:00PM-12:30PM300.1185
156THE PYRAMID (RICHARDS)Sun12:30PM- 1:00PM300.2233
From the June Schedule Changes:

129NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Sat11:00AM-11:30AM300.2267
170NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Sat11:30AM-12:00PM300.2214
144NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Sat12:00PM-12:30PM300.2243
142NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Sat12:30PM- 1:00PM300.2245
More Newlywed Game seems to be good on Saturday mornings. Some numbers have been 300K+ in the noon hour other weeks. 

138MINUTE TO WIN ITSat1:00PM- 2:00PM600.2256
184MINUTE TO WIN ITSat2:00PM- 3:00PM600.1197
176MINUTE TO WIN ITSun1:00PM- 2:00PM600.1205
162MINUTE TO WIN ITSun2:00PM- 3:00PM600.2225
Looking better than Dog Eat Dog was. Speaking of, which has improved in its solo 3pm Saturday slot...
142DOG EAT DOGSat3:00PM- 4:00PM600.2245


237FAMILY FEUDFri5:00PM- 5:30PM300.1139
206FAMILY FEUDFri5:30PM- 6:00PM300.1174
There are better numbers on Monday-Thursday ranging from 224K to 318K, down from Karn, but I've always wondered how well Syndie 5th Grader would do in this hour.

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