Thursday, July 18, 2013

Notable 'American Bible Challenge' tweet

There is not too much to report today. There were some ratings, and a few more set photos from The Chase over at Buzzerblog, but that's about it.

In some smaller news, scrolling through the Twitter page for GSN's American Bible Challenge, a conversation (from July 16th) read this:

@chicagosports91: @GSN_Bible when does the nxt season start?

@GSN_Bible: We hope soon, still waiting for official word on if there will be a season 3. Fingers and toes crossed!

Really? If there will be? Even the production team does not know?

There has been no confirmation from GSN, anywhere open to the public. I've heard a few bubbles in the Spring for a Season 3 "Coming in January" and more recently "Casting in the Fall, filming in December, new episodes after the Olympics", but that's all.

It's just a little odd that GSN is not rushing a third season for American Bible Challenge. The second season may have been down around 10% in overall viewership, but the season 2 finale on May 23rd was the third highest rated episode ever (960,000 viewers versus the season 1 and 2 premiere). In fact, the lowest rated episodes of the series came from season 1, not season 2.

It's possible that GSN may be negotiating a contract with Foxworthy for more than one additional season, or searching for a new host. I doubt Foxworthy would leave American Bible Challenge, but who knows.

My guess is that maybe an initial promo will air during The Chase for American Bible Challenge casting. If we don't hear anything by the end of August, American Bible Challenge might by a goner, which feels very weird to say. Very weird.


  1. I don't think that even if we don't here of casting in August it would be a goner, rather they would wait to allow a big audience to wait in anticipation for a big Season 3 premiere... eh, maybe? But it would seem so unusual, as you mentioned, for this to be the case, and you might be right. I was thinking that it might be a case of financial issues because they do guarantee quite the pocketful. While Minute and The Chase offer top end Big Bucks, Minute's $250k (even $50k and $100k) are tough to get to and few would reach those numbers, even with 40 episodes. With the Chase, there are big offers, which can be done because a lot has to be done to win the money after accumulating it, which all comes down to the Final Chase. GSN could've had 5 or 6 flopped episodes of the 8 and we see most teams leave with nothing, or maybe it's the other way around, but either way, it's tough to win that much money on those programs, whereas Bible guarantees a good chunk, plus $120k for the finale, they had Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, and Jeff Foxworthy's probably asking for a bit more if GSN does pursue this 3rd season, which I still do expect, as most of us do. The only other thing I could think of is the case that GSN does not want to put three originals all together, at the same time, and after casting now for Season 2 of The Chase, and with Minute's 40 episodes (soon to be only one new per week), that's a lot of new all at the same time.

  2. There likely will be a third season of American Bible Challenge, but the show isn't the hit you think it is. It has not held up in reruns to any degree. For GSN, shows can't make money unless they can be amortized over several years. Shows like Lingo, Chain Reaction, and Baggage that can get ratings over and over again are in the end more profitable than a show like ABC because once the winner is declared on that show, the audience seems to go away. Foxworthy is tied up for future seasons so it's not an issue of his contract. It's just that the show is more expensive than it should be and GSN hasn't figured out how to make money on it, despite the fact it's the network's most successful original in terms of ratings.