Saturday, July 13, 2013

More reality?

A Google search led me to an article for GSN expanding originals, and potentially some reality.

Amy Introcaso-Davis, current programming head at GSN who has brought to the network American Bible Challenge, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?, Beat the Chefs, Dancing with the Stars, Steve Harvey's Family Feud, Family Trade, Minute to Win It, The Chase, The Pyramid, and much more to come. Introcaso-Davis states that "With reality programming, the real person has become the celebrity"

That is true, but I don't consider celebrities Mr. Gardner Stone and whatever other series "stars" I paid little attention to. Reality series always get very little attention on GSN, then whatever attention they get, it's bad attention.

The article also mentions that It Takes a Church is "in development", but not green-lit yet. GSN has yet to green-light a whole season for a series, besides a pilot for Games Across America and The Impostor. It Takes a Church currently has a production team behind the show, but that is all. I'm sure It Takes a Church will come around sooner or later, with the attention it may get from the media like American Bible Challenge did.

Speaking of, American Bible Challenge has not officially been renewed for a third season yet. The production team took a trip to Israel in late June/early July. A renewal is expected soon. The season 2 finale was the third highest rated episode of the series with 960,000 viewers.

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  1. Interesting, GSN ran the TV promo for casting of It Takes a Church, but it's not green-lit yet... go figure.