Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Minute to Win It' flyer for July 30th

We have some news this afternoon for Minute to Win It fans, pertaining to tonight's new episode of the Apolo Ohno-hosted version on GSN.

This flyer came from GSN this afternoon. You can look at it here closer. Apparently, there is "love in the air". Be prepared for a proposal, or something very similar tonight. Team "5-Year Itch" competes in the 8pm and 9pm episode, and team "Double Trouble" will compete in the later part of the 9pm episode.

"5-Year Itch" to me sounds like a couple trying to get engaged. Watch and see, tonight at 8pm (ET) on GSN


  1. Gee, I wonder what's going to happen. Don't give me a hard time about spoilers when GSN tells you to post this. They're doing whatever they can to help, but the ratings continue to dive on this show. If anyone cares to give a reasoned explanation why GSN bothered spending all that money on 40 episodes, please tell. The fact is they had no choice because everything they were developing wound up sucking. Now they have to resort to leaking information to bloggers they control while threatening legal action when I provide the truth.

    1. To be fair, Minute to Win It had one bad week (July 23rd) which averaged 382,000 viewers for the New 2-hour block. Otherwise, the show has ranged from 410K to 481K.

      If 'Minute' dives tonight, it could be on its way out sooner than we think. Maybe they'll just add an hour of Harvey Feud Tuesdays at 8pm to lead into The Chase.

      40 episodes, hour-long no less was a huge order. I liked the idea of the revival, but after September 17th when The Chase wraps up its first season there will still be 20 eps of MTWI to burn off. Even Apolo Ohno appearing on NBC's Today (7/22) didn't help.