Monday, July 29, 2013

Minute to Win It Episode 9 recap.

Airdate: 7/23/13 8PM

Team G.R.I.T.S.: Girls raised in the South. Sisters Jessica and Traci are raising money for their family to take a trip to France.

Level 1 ($1,000): Nosedive: One player must transfer five cotton balls, one at a time, from one bowl to another across the circle using petroleum jelly and their nose. Must be repeated five times.

Jessica plays. She completes Nosedive in 41 seconds.

Level 2 ($2,000): Face the Cookie: Both contestants must move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth by only using the muscles on their face.

Team GRITS finishes Face the Cookie in 37 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000): Elephant March: One player must wear a set of pantyhoses with a baseball through one of the legs. The contestant must knock down eight bottles scattered throughout the circle.

Traci plays. She fails to complete Elephant March. Team GRITS has two lives remaining.

Elephant March (2): Jessica plays. She fails to complete Elephant March. Team GRITS has one life remaining.

Elephant March (3); Jessica plays. She completes the task in 52 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): This Blows: Both contestants must blow up a balloon and the exhaling air must knock down a series of cups off the table.

Jessica finishes in 49 seconds. Traci will not complete her end of the task. Team GRITS have zero lives remaining.

Jessica and Traci leave with $1,000, guaranteed from earlier.

Team Spectrum Surfers: Two brothers, Eric and Rey are raising money for their surfing business which reach out to kids with special needs.

Level 1 ($1,000): Mad Dog: Both contestants must play, but one after the other. Contestants must pick up boxes of tic tacs on a bar and shake them out, only by using their teeth.

Rey finishes his part in 20 seconds. Eric finishes with a total of 23 seconds remaining.

Level 2 ($2,000): Puddle Jumper: One player must blow a ping pong ball from one cup to another, which must be repeated three times.

Rey will play. Rey completes Puddle Jumper in 28 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000): High Strung: One player will use two strings to carry an egg across the circle and onto the top of a container.

Eric plays. He completes High Strung in 47 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): Booby Trap: One player must bounce ping pong balls from the ground back up to a bottle with a cylinder, crooked but on top on the bottle. The cylinder must be knocked straight onto the bottle. Must be completed three times.

Rey plays. He completes the task in 15 seconds.

Level 5 ($10,000): Punch Your Lights Out: One player must throw bean bags at lights to turn all six of them off.

Eric plays. He completes Punch Your Lights Out in 46 seconds.

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