Thursday, July 4, 2013

'Minute to Win It' Episode 4 recap.

Airdate: 7/2/13 9PM

Team Crazy Eights: Delba and Liliana play to protect and save their house (financially) for their families.

Level 1 ($1,000): Bottoms Up: One player will use a yo-yo attached to their backside to knock down several soda cans. All four cans must be knocked down

Liliana plays. She completes the task in 30 seconds.

Level 2 ($2,000): Bouncer: Both contestants play. Each must bounce ping-pong balls into filled containers. Must be repeated nine times for each contestant.

Team Crazy Eights do not complete Bouncer, though Delba finished her nine in 45 seconds.

Bouncer (2): Both Delba and Liliana complete the task in 38 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000) Kickoff: One contestant must kick a total of two soda cans into a bowl centerstage.

Liliana plays. She completes the task in 13 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): Sharp Shooter: One player must fling a rubber band a few feet to a playing card which is held up by a paper clip. Must be repeated three times.

Delba plays. She completes the task in 32 seconds.

Level 5 ($10,000): Sticker Picker Upper: One contestant must roll an egg around on an inverted plate and collect three out of three stickers.

Delba plays. She gets all three stickers/completes task in 57 seconds.

Level 6 ($15,000): Speed Eraser: Both contestants must bounce the eraser end of a pencil into a cup eight times each.

Team Crazy Eights fail the stunt. One life remains.

Speed Eraser (2): Delba finishes in 42 seconds. Liliana does not finish in 60 secpnds. Task failed.

Team Crazy Eights leave with $10,000.

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