Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mall Masters

This may make a few very hard-core GSN fans feel their age. Mall Masters, the Chris Harrison-hosted quizzer/guess-er is twelve years old this Summer.

Can you guess it?
In case the show title does not sound familiar to you, it should not. Just like National Lampoon's Funny Money, Beat the Chefs and The All New 3's A Crowd, Mall Masters was a one-season GSN original that today remains unpopular.

Contestants are given a toss-up survey based on a poll of 100 shoppers in a local mall. Sound familiar? Similar to Family Feud, contestants had to guess the most popular answer out of three.

The bonus round was similar to Family Feud as well, only there are nine questions and all the questions are asked about stores in the mall.

Man, GSN has come a long way. This original only lasted through the Summer of 2001, and the reruns were axed from the schedule in December.

Chris Harrison was a pretty good host, and today, would be the only attraction of the show from his popularity on ABC's The Bachelor. Otherwise, this throwaway GSN original was horrible.


  1. Three's A Crowd lasted two seasons.

  2. That's right. I remember differently for some reason.