Monday, July 15, 2013

Kelly Goode gets a job; 'It Takes a Church' status

There are two small stories to report for everyone today.

The name Kelly Goode may sound familiar to you if you closely follow GSN. Kelly Goode was a former programming head at GSN before Amy Introcaso-Davis was hired. Goode left the network in 2011, where she was the Senior Vice President of Programming since 2008.

Goode will now join ABC Family as Vice President of Original Programming, Deadline reports. Goode takes responsibility for all types of scripted programming current and in the future.

For GSN, Goode launched series including Lingo, The Newlywed Game, Baggage and most recently contributed to The American Bible Challenge.

It Takes A Church logoThere is some other news on It Takes a Church, a religious dating series which has had advertised casting calls for the show. It Takes a Church has not been officially green-lit yet, but GSN does now have a production team behind the show.

There has been no set order of episodes for It Takes a Church, but if casting continues to go well, I'm sure we'll see an episode order soon.

I would expect It Takes a Church to come around when a third season of American Bible Challenge would, which has not been announced yet by the network.


  1. I am choosing to remain anonymous, but I worked on shows when Kelly was at GSN and she is the worst executive I've ever dealt with. GSN is much better off with Amy Introcaso-Davis.

    1. Yes, I've heard the same from several others. You're not alone.

      GSN is fine with Introcaso-Davis but there are others the network could be much better off with.

    2. For example?

    3. No one specific, but considering Introcaso-Davis green-lit 'Family Trade' and has proposed several other reality shows, not great.

      There would be other programming execs, looking at GSN's History, that would not let that go.

    4. With David Goldhill there, it doesn't matter who the head of programming is. He controls everything. I know that from first hand experience. I've worked with GSN on many shows for many years and you're right. They've had a lot of good executives in the past.

    5. I hear you. It's just the fact that Introcaso-Davis' track record before GSN was Oxygen and Bravo, where reality TV rules. She has done a nice job with GSN.

  2. GSN continues to sink farther and farther down the crapper. I'm a fan of real game shows. Game shows that employed great talent, and were a joy to watch so many years ago as they are today. GSN had a great format early in its day, only to be mired overtime with absolute rubbish produced under their own GSN Originals. Now comes another absent minded GSN creation about christian dating. The Bible Challenge is cretinous enough. How stupid as a society are we becoming? More and more people are abandoning religions like never before. Leave it GSN to add this travesty about a game show for christian dating. It's just plain stupid! Damn stupid. I can just see poor old Mark Goodson and Bill Todman rolling in their graves over the bastardizing of GSN and what's barely left of the modern game show industry. With the current state of all television being so atrocious nowadays, it really doesn't surprise me where GSN has been heading for the last decade. All the once respectable cable networks have jumped the shark.