Sunday, July 14, 2013

JP versus Casey, yet again

For the first time, I am actually stealing something off another blog...

Here comes another argument about The Chase, talking about how much of a risk it was for GSN execs to order a second season, before a single episode has aired. Casey Abell, the owner/author of GameShowFollies, goes a bit off topic in the article:

Yeah, well, GSN has had that feeling before. I remember endless promo campaigns for Improv-a-GanzaLate Night LiarsFamily Trade, and a bunch of other turkeys. 

"That feeling", referring to excitement for The Chase by Amy Introcaso-Davis, is much different than the failures of Improv,. Late Night Liars and Family Trade.

JP comments:

 Hard quizzers like Grand Slam and even Jeopardy have failed on the network. 

That is why I fear for The Chase, seeing how reruns of Jeopardy! have not worked out too well. But, American Bible Challenge is a "refreshing" quizzer (while shows like Millionaire are strictly A, B, C, D, and Jeopardy! has not changed in decades...). The Chase is a little different, and to me, much more exciting.

Casey comments:

Brooke did fine, Mark did fine, the tapings apparently went very well. At least everything I've heard says so. I like that GSN is making a strong commitment to a traditional game show, but failure is an obvious possibility.

Yeah, if Brooke and Mark (and the contestants, of course) did not do fine, the show would not have had a second season AHEAD of the premiere.

Of course, traditional game shows WORK, i.e. Lingo, Newlywed Game, many more.

JP says:

 But the facts are that hard questions and answer games have a lousy history on GSN and the only reason they bought this one was because they've had a dry development pipeline for some time. 

Another fear that The Chase may go down the tubes, especially with a Minute lead-in, a non-quizzer stunts-only shows. Too bad Bible is not around as a lead-in.

The Chase tapings weren't a disaster, but the editors have to cut around the disasters. Sometimes the endings of your sentences contradict the beginnings.

Obviously, they weren't a disaster, or else a second season would not have been ordered already. No show is perfect, but....

JP concludes:

As for Brooke being a disaster, it all depends on what you mean. GSN executives won't say it publicly, but privately, they worry about her shrill voice and inability to clearly read questions. She struggled through so many that they don't want to show her actually struggling to read them on camera, so the editors were told to edit around that.

I'll be the judge, one of many, for all of this come August 6th. I've got two hours of The Chase that night to test out Burns, and see if she's better/worse than anyone is making her out to be.

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