Sunday, July 7, 2013

Insider posts...

Starting Monday, July 8th, certain "Insider" posts will be allowed here at GameShowNetworkNews.

*A name/title/e-mail must be left. It does not have to be a full name, i.e. 'JP'. Anonymous posts will still be allowed for other topics

*Posts can not reveal a winner name of a cash amount/prize on an episode of a GSN Original that has yet to air.

*Posts can not reveal the outcome of an episode before it is aired or within 24 hours the new episode aired.

*Posts may not contain explicit language or name calling


  1. Cool! This should be tons of fun!

  2. "Anonymous posts will still be aloud for other topics"

    Still be "aloud" as compared to silent? Yeah. Expert blogger you are!

    1. Yes, 'Anonymous' posts on other topics will not be kept silent, thank you.