Saturday, July 27, 2013

GSN's 'Inquizition' similar to 'The Chase'?

This month marks the 15 year mark of when production started for Game Show Network's Inquizition, which in some ways is similar to GSN's upcoming production The Chase.

Inquizition was launched in October 1998 to the airwaves and ended three years later.

In comparison, both shows are hard quizzers. Both shows have an A, B and C question format, and a host or 'Beast', if you will, that will not tolerate wrong answers.

There are differences of course when it comes to the set, the number of contestants (4 versus 3, Inquizition versus The Chase in America, but overseas The Chase has four contestants.) The Chase almost looks like a broadcast television production rather than a medium-sized cable network, where Inquizition looks like it was done by a high school T.V. crew, which most GSN originals looked like before 2002.

But, for The Chase, we know Mark Labbett. Even I do not know who the Inquizitor was, and it's difficult to keep a secret from me in this genre, especially if it is relevant to GSN and prior or future productions. 15 years later, the identity of this individual still remains unknown.

Question for the comments: How many readers watched closely or have partial memory for shows like Inquizition, Mall Masters or any other originals from the 1998-01 era?


  1. I loved Inquizition. In fact, one of my earliest blog entries, from February 8,2010, paid tribute to the show, with a screenshot of the white-maned host facing four cowed contestants...

    Inquizitive minds

    Towards the end of Michael Fleming's 1994-2001 reign, GSN started producing some of its all-time worst originals: Extreme Gong, Burt Luddin's Love Buffet, All New Three's a Crowd. The evil memories still make game show fans shiver through fearsome nightmares. Not coincidentally, the network was also drowning in red ink by the close of the Fleming regime.

    But one GSN original from that generally miserable time didn't disgrace the genre. That show was Inquizition, a stripped-down quizzer with a host whose face you never saw but whose long mane of grey hair was always in the foreground. He flogged four contestants through three rounds of challenging multiple-choice questions, eliminating one poor sap at each stage. Prize money was inconsequential, and the Inquizitor apparently thought some of the contestants were, too. His frequent barbs at errant game-players seemed like genuine exasperation.

    The show has long since vanished from GSN and lives on only in a few YouTube clips. Nobody has ever convincingly identified the faceless Inquizitor, though oddball theories abound. I just wish GSN would show a few eps now and then. As the Inquizitor might thunder at the network which has forgotten him: "You have failed!"

    1. I loved Inquizition. I wish GSN would bring Inquizition back with other prior, but good originals (i.e. Friend or Foe?, Russian Roulette) for a Thanksgiving or Christmas marathon.

      They'll probably just go with another Harvey Feud, Chain Reaction or MTWI megathon.