Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting older

This article slipped by me this past week, but it is something noteworthy.

Fox News Channel along with other cable networks tend to be skewing older, very older. Fox News tends to have a median age of 65-plus, if you could imagine. Fox News is the only cable outlet with a major 65-plus except the rural news network (RFD) and Game Show Network (GSN).

The youngest in cable goes to Comedy Central with a Median Viewing Age of 29. Other networks including FX and ESPN continue to skew young, and male.

A network like GSN is living very well off of the numbers they are getting now, but Fox News is declining, which just had its lowest audience since 2001 in the 25-54 category, a very important one.

The young are now worth more than ever.


  1. Interesting, anyone would've thought of Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network to have pulled the youngest median age demographic since they're aimed towards kids and preteens. Although I'm not sure if Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite are associated together, same goes for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and I could see more families watching Disney too. I figure I'd just point that out.

  2. According to this 8/28/2012 story from Broadcasting and Cable, MTV skews very young with a median viewer age of 23.4. Some other median ages from the story:

    "ABC Family, has a median age of 27.4; E!, 34.4; FX, 38; TBS, 38.6; Bravo, 41.6; TLC, 42.7; Discovery, 43; Food Network, 46.3; WE tv, 46.4; A&E, 46.5; Syfy, 46.8; TNT, 49.2; History, 49.4; AMC, 49.5; Lifetime, 49.5; and USA, 52.1."

    The numbers look reasonable. No big surprises.

    1. Makes perfect sense.

      I just can not take, as of July 2013, that GSN skews as old as it does. I could see 65+ for all the shows that air before 1pm weekdays, and just *maybe* Karn/O'Hurley Family Feud and 5th Grader sometimes.

      Shows skew THAT old like The Pyramid? Catch 21? Baggage? Dog Eat Dog? Minute to Win It? Newlywed Game? Chain Reaction? Apparantly so.

  3. Another ratings note which I posted on the zombie GSN board (allegedly dead three days ago) about the latest week July 15-21...

    Other poster: Love Triangle's return was okay on Saturday (207K) and then it crashed and burned the next day (78K). I guess that was the curiosity factor?

    All the ratings for Sunday morning were incredibly low. It happens with these tiny slivers of Nielsen's sample. Didn't really have anything to do with Love Triangle.

    By the way, the shakeup of the 8:00AM-1:00PM weekday window didn't do much in the first week. The block still averaged an underwhelming 174K viewers. One encouraging sign: Karn Feud turned in the top numbers late in the week for the window: 260K on Friday and 276K on Thursday. Maybe reliable Richard can help fix the weekday noon hour, at least.

    It's kind of creepy and fun at the same time to post on this zombie board, which was supposed to be dead three days ago.

    1. The Sunday morning ratings are pretty bad. I could imagine a shakeup soon from 9-11AM.

      Maybe Whammy! to the 10am hour (Sat and Sun.), Match Game in the 9am hour (Sun.) and both NBC Password revivals at 9am and 9:30am (Sat.)

      Or more Family Feud. You can't go wrong, I guess.