Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fieri versus Ohno

It has been one year since the NBC version of Minute to Win It landed on GSN, and now, last night the ninth and tenth episodes of the Apolo Ohno-hosted Minute to Win It aired on GSN.

Believe or not after some pretty bad ratings, the Guy Fieri Minute to Win It version still airs weekends on GSN occasionally. Fieri's version premiered very well last Summer after being a replacement for The Newlywed Game, Minute to Win It brought a bigger audience to GSN on Tuesday nights, then tanked over the Winter and only worsened during and after Family Trade.

The Ohno version, so far, has worked out well enough in new runs and reruns to satisfy the Nielsen numbers.

Which do you prefer? The NBC version, which had its extra timewasters, extra lives and extra helps (including the +10 seconds)? How about the GSN version, which focused more on the stunts but also added team names, more contestants playing for charities and a catchphrase?


  1. Oh I prefer the GSN version, by a bunch. I could do without the breaks in the middle of the challenges, and the catchphrase, but it's not nearly enough to bug me. I couldn't really get into the NBC version.

    1. The NBC version had much more timewasters, including the throwaway stunt clips every few episodes.

      GSN > NBC.

  2. GSN version and that's it. The logo got me hooked on it.

  3. I prefer the Apolo version, hands-down! LOVE him as host!

  4. I prefer the Apolo Anton Ohno version -- he's an AWESOME HOST & person!!!! Keep him on Minute to Win It LOVE THE SHOW!!! & of course the host!!

  5. I like the Apolo Ohno version of the show. He's a good host and seems to be an all around nice person.

  6. I prefer the new version. It seems more challenging. The host is awesome. I could do without the cliff hangers in the middle of challenges, but like one person said it's not enough to make me even remotely dislike.

  7. I like the feedback. I'm enjoying the Apolo Ohno version too, and let's hope the ratings hold up.