Saturday, July 13, 2013

'Feud' Saturday

The one night I never usually post about in the usual ratings is Saturday, basically since there is no set definition for primetime.

Here are the straight numbers from SonoftheBronx:

4:00pm Karn: 197K
4:30pm Karn: 294K
5:00pm O'Hurley: 400K
5:30pm O'Hurley: 365K
6:00pm Harvey: 361K
6:30pm Harvey: 407K
7:00pm Harvey: 462K
7:30pm Harvey: 500K
8:00pm Minute to Win It (Ohno): 455K
9:00pm Minute to Win It (Ohno): 416K
10:00pm Harvey: 425K
10:30pm Harvey: 407K
11:00pm Harvey: 422K
11:30pm Harvey: 485K

These are some great numbers, considering all these airings are un-advertised, unlike some weekday runs which get their own promos. Karn averaged 246K, O'Hurley averaged 383K and Harvey over four hours averaged 434,000 viewers. The Ohno Minute to Win It reruns averaged 436,000 viewers, higher than the same episodes did the previous Tuesday night.

The lead-in to this whole (normally) 8-hour Family Feud block was Dog Eat Dog, which had 222,000 viewers. And hey, Fieri Minute is doing pretty well on Saturday, 250K (1pm) and 287K (2pm), then Sunday Fieri had 191K (1pm) and 251K (2pm). A cutback for the stunts has apparently been good.

Another sign Family Feud is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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