Monday, July 22, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' numbers not possible with 'The Chase'

There seems to be a lot of excitement with The Chase coming up. The Chase, to me, seems like this year's American Bible Challenge.

GSN: The Chase USA
If you compare, American Bible Challenge premiered last year in August and was titled a "Summer Game Show Event", just like The Chase is now. American Bible Challenge and The Chase are both completely new formats to the U.S. audiences, plus both shows have hosts that were previously on GSN.

Another comparison: Minute to Win It is this year's The Pyramid. Game show remake, young host, similar format. Let's just hope things end better for Minute to Win It.

This year around, I do not see an Earth-shattering ratings for The Chase, like American Bible Challenge's 1.730 million and season 1 average of 917,000 viewers. There's a good possibility The Chase will not see an episode getting close to 900K, 1 million viewers. Just a prediction, but most episodes will probably get around 600,000 or 700,000 viewers.

Promotion for The Chase have not been great. The only big news has been the second season renewal already, which will keep viewers excited for future episodes, i.e. 1 vs 100's second season renewal a few episodes in, on NBC. American Bible Challenge had a lot more promotion through late-night talk shows, Fox News, CNN and other media outlets.

Prove me wrong, GSN. Please.

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