Thursday, July 11, 2013

Advanced schedules through September 1st

From Game Show Follies:

Advanced schedules have been updated through the week of August 26-September 1. First, there will be no Labor Day marathons yet.

For The Chase, starting Tuesday, August 13, there will only be one new and zero rerun episodes of The Chase. On Tuesdays, The Chase will air at 9pm and Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air at 10pm and 10:30pm.

Effective the week of August 12th, The Chase and Minute to Win It get reduced rerun slots. Minute to Win It and The Chase rerun Tuesday night 11pm-1am (ET), Friday night at 7pm Minute to Win It repeats, then at 10pm The Chase reruns. On Saturday, The Chase still reruns at 2pm, conveniently before Dog Eat Dog. Minute to Win It and The Chase rerun Saturday night from 8 to 10pm and Sunday night from 6-8pm before 5th Grader.

Of course, these schedules can change instantly, especially since they've been released 4 to 7 weeks in advance. Look at the July 15th schedule changes. They were only released last Wednesday.


  1. Let's see how long GSN allows you to keep this posted. There could be delays on The Chase because the editor's union would no longer continue to allow its members to work on the show.

    1. If you read my one and only Sunday, July 7th entry, 'certain' posts have been cleared.

  2. The Chase delay for when? Season 1 editing or Season 2 shooting?

  3. GSN caved into union demands. No more delays.

  4. Good to know the reruns have been reduce to much more reasonable lengths. Wondering what this is about union demands and delays? I know prior shows have been delayed but what do you mean?