Thursday, July 4, 2013

Additional schedule changes July 15-21, plus August 5-11 with 'The Chase'

All from the advanced schedules on GameShowFollies...

For the week of July 15-21, Chain Reaction will now take both Mondays and Fridays from 8-10pm. Love Triangle replaces Chain Reaction on weekend mornings at 10:30am.

For the week of August 5-11, The Chase will rerun at the following times: Tuesday 12am and 1am, replacing Baggage; Thursday at 8pm and 9pm, replacing The Newlywed Game; Friday 10pm & 11pm replacing Minute to Win It/Family Feud; Saturday 1pm & 2pm replacing Fieri Minute to Win It; Saturday 8pm & 9pm replacing Family Feud; Sunday 7pm & 8pm replacing 5th Grader.

There were previous morning schedule changes shown here:
*Super Password will air at 9am; remains at 11am
*Press Your Luck moves to 9:30am
*Sale of the Century moves to 10:00am
*The $100,000 Pyramid will air at 11:30am
*Richard Karn's Family Feud will air at 12pm and 12:30pm
*The Pyramid (GSN) will air at 2:30pm

Both versions of Lingo leave the schedule

Opinion based: Good for Chain Reaction getting some primetime slots. I really doubt Chain Reaction will do as well as John O'Hurley's Family Feud did Monday nights on some occasions, but it will definitely produce some better numbers on Friday. 

Love Triangle, the 2011 dating series may not do as badly as some may think. Before The Newlywed Game on weekend mornings, Love Triangle could fit in, where Newlywed Game produces 200k-250K numbers.

The morning schedule changes on weekdays are a very good refreshment. Ratings will only rise for Classic Pyramid with the 2-to-1 hour cutback, and Super Password may get some better numbers, as with Press Your Luck and Sale.

Then, do not criticize GSN yet for laying on The Chase reruns. It may be more than Minute to Win It's four per week, but American Bible Challenge last August had six rerun slots while The Chase has six as well. Same strategy being used. Let's hope it works.


  1. Is it me, or is the table they show here on The Chase enormous? It looks much bigger than the British version and as a result the Beast looks small. Not the imposing hulk he's supposed to be.

    1. The table looks very big in the picture, in fact, bigger than the British version from the photos I have seen.

      You'll have to watch and see August 6th if the picture matches the actual product

  2. Scott, do you buy Chad Mosher's [fake] e-mail press release story? I sure as hell do not.

    1. Gee, Thanks for going way off topic... :)

      Um, no. I do not buy it. Whatever he/it is trying to make up, I would not pull that off.