Friday, June 28, 2013

Will 'Baggage' depart: The facts

Some things do not last forever. This definitely applies for cable television.

Baggage, the once-hit GSN dating game shows (2010-12) has now faded dramatically in reruns. Within the past year, Baggage has increased in late-night slots and in January expanded to primetime once again. Now, the dating series can barely get one episodes that is up to par with the GSN ratings.

For the latest week of ratings, here is the breakdown:

12:00am: 322K (26% dropoff from Feud)
12:30am: 257K
3:00am: 59K (31% dropoff from Feud)
3:30am: 48K

12:00am: 169K (45% dropoff from Feud)
12:30am: 186K
3:00am: 80K (46% dropoff from Feud)
3:30am: 81K

12:00am: 261K (44% dropoff from Feud)
12:30am: 279K
3:00am: 146K (22% dropoff from Feud)
3:30am: 138K

12:00am: 290K (31% dropoff from Feud)
12:30am: 242K
3:00am: 184K (35% dropoff from Feud)
3:30am: 130K

8:00pm: 83K
8:30pm: 78K
9:00pm: 180K
9:30pm: 246K
12:00am: 295K (42% dropoff from Feud; higher rated than the primetime runs earlier)
12:30am: 248K
3:00am: 112K (28% dropoff from Feud; higher rated than both 8pm and 8:30pm runs Friday)
3:30am: 113K

The late-night dropoffs may not seem as significant as they look, but keep in mind, Steve Harvey's Family Feud from 1am-3am (ET) barely falls and sometimes actually rises over the night.

Here are the averages for late-nights:
11:00pm Family Feud: 323K
11:30pm Family Feud: 428K
12:00am Baggage: 267K
12:30am Baggage: 242K
1:00am Family Feud: 204K
1:30am Family Feud: 206K
2:00am Family Feud: 200K
2:30am Family Feud: 172K
3:00am: Baggage: 116K
3:30am Baggage: 102K

It is completely your move, GSN. Something has to change. I know you've been slow with Friday nights when it came to removing Dancing with the Stars, classic Pyramid, Improv and now this. The only place Baggage seems to appeal to an audience now is Saturday night after The Newlywed Game.

I just think the days of Baggage reruns getting good numbers have started to already faded.

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