Monday, June 24, 2013

'Whodunnit' a real test for 'The Impostor'

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ABC's murder-mystery competition premiered last night, Whodunnit, for the most part has received good reviews all around. Some of the pre-reviews from Buzzerblog show that the show was going to be successful, while there were only a few reviews floating saying the series was too slow, including this review from the LA Times.

I can not disagree with the negative reviews. The show can move a little slowly at points for the audience. There always is movement with contestant's going to the scene of the crime, the morgue or the last place the person was seen alive. There are periods that are pointless, including the contestants picking alliances during meals.

This could open at least one door for GSN with The Impostor. The proposed series focuses on a duo of contestants placed in a home for a whole weekend with a family plus one. The plus one is "The Impostor". The two contestants, who already have a relationship with each other, need to figure out which member is not really in the family and is "The Impostor". The contestants would win prize money if they pick the correct impostor.

The Impostor on GSN, which I wish to see down the road, is a cable-made xerox copy of Whodunnit on ABC, practically. I could see The Impostor working on GSN, but maybe with a few changes.

When the ratings come in today, I could see success for Summer standards but nothing spectacular. These type of crime shows are CSI-driven and are still in the market, in other words, they can last.  For now, Whodunnit, at times, I was bored and felt like flipping the channel. But, it was not horrible either by all means.

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