Thursday, June 27, 2013

Upfronts updates; other shows in development

If the titles Mind of a Man, Where Have You Been All My Life and You Don't Know What You're Missing do not sound familiar to you, do not worry. They are not familiar to the rest of America. Those are just some of the GSN series that were proposed in the 2013-14 upfronts nearly three months ago.

Last year, GSN introduced nine new series, which only five made it to air, American Bible Challenge, Beat the Chefs, Family Trade, The Newlywed Game and The Pyramid, and only one show had another season, American Bible Challenge. Typically, a lot of shows do not make it to air, or even a pilot, though the network will still have the rights to them.

The latest:
Minute to Win It: Premiered Tuesday night

The Chase: Coming August 6th

It Takes a Church: Casting call, little network advertisement, no taping dates or premiere dates set.

Mind of a Man: A few formats pitched, a few pushes to get the show to air, otherwise no pilot, no host.

The Impostor: Several casting calls since the Winter, now adding Finesse Mitchell (SNL alumni) for potential pilot, still not green-lit.

Where Have You Been All My Life: Piloted by Brooke Burns in March. Pilot did not go extremely well, but Burns was picked up to host The Chase.

Dance Rivals: No movement

You Don't Know What You're Missing: No movement.

There are now additional shows in development. GSN has green-lit a pilot for Games Across America, a reality show investigating various games and competitions across the country. Ben Bailey will host the pilot. I'm personally glad Bailey is getting some exposure after Cash Cab, which I've always hoped GSN would pick up someday. For Bailey, I hope he officially lands this or a game show opportunity on GSN.

There are five other shows under development, four studio-based and As Seen on TV in the non-game-show category. I give credit for GSN to looking into new shows and to try to grasp in a different audience. I am glad to see the network pitching ideas, and we will see what happens.

At the bottom of the MultiChannel article, Swarm, a physical stunt/quizzer show sounds like a decent idea if Minute succeeds.  Say What?, the telephone style game also sounds decent. If those two shows see the light of day and turn out decent, I'll be happy.

At this point, my money is on The Impostor and It Takes the Church officially making it to air in around six or eight months, from what I have heard.

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