Friday, June 14, 2013

Updates: 'Bible', 'Family Trade', 'Impostor' plus dating series

A couple noteworthy e-mails and facebook posts this week from GSN...

American Bible Challenge as reported here and only here earlier will be returning for a third season, but not until 2014 to make way for other GSN original programming. Since the finale, GSN has been asking on their facebook page hash-tag ideas for their fans, format changes including if stunts should be brought back or not, and questions in which viewers were stumped on.

Family Trade will "not be seen on the GSN schedule anytime soon" according to a GSN rep. Previously, some thought the series could make a regular and/or marathon return to the schedule but unless something comes around late this year (Thanksgiving/Christmas), I do not expect Family Trade to see the light of day again, but you never know.

The Impostor, despite previous casting calls, is not expected to be on the GSN schedule anytime soon. The casting call supposidely did not go so well. It was reported that The Impostor could have come around by October, which looks unlikely at this point but the idea has not been thrown out.

It Takes a Church is still casting. Previously advertised during the American Bible Challenge season finale, the religious-dating series is still casting and has no anticipated taping or premiere date.

There is also no further word on Mind of a Man, or piloted-Where Have You Been All My Life.

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