Friday, June 7, 2013

Two years ago

Wow, it has been two years (and a day) already.

The most-anticipated GSN event of 2011, Lingo with Bill Engvall premiered on June 6, 2011. The next year, The Pyramid would be the most anticipated event GSN event, but not the most popular.

Several things went wrong with new Lingo besides the "timeslot" excuse, which competed with network primetime. 6:30pm, after The Newlywed Game which had new episodes at the time, could have been a much more passable timeslot, which I have a feeling would have fared better than The Pyramid a year later. Just a guess.

The format for Lingo was fine. Even Engvall was a manageable host. It's just nearly everybody hated the more-than-occasional dirty jokes and the very-occasional dumb contestants made the show unenjoyable.

It makes me think that the failure of Engvall Lingo in 2011 led to the been-there-done-that formats of The Pyramid and GSN's Minute to Win It, which will probably go down the road of GSN's previous two revivals as I see it. My theory is GSN execs saw Lingo not doing spectacular, so they planned their Pyramid revival to go nearly the same as the classic version.

New episodes of Lingo averaged 359,000 viewers, with the exact week numbers below. In 2011 compared to new episodes of Baggage, Improv, Love Triangle and Catch 21, Bill Engvall's Lingo was the best rated-original. The only original to do better than Lingo was The Newlywed Game in 2011.

Week 1 (June 6-10): 389K
Week 2 (June 13-17): 400K
Week 3 (June 20-24): 291K
Week 4 (June 27-July 1): 348K
Week 5 (July 5-8): 325K
Week 6 (July 11-15): 381K
Week 7 (July 18-22): 406K
Week 8 (July 25-29): 354K
Last episode (August 1): 259K

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