Tuesday, June 18, 2013

'The Winner Is' keeps winning

Taking a break from the normal Game Show Network News, one game show on NBC seems to be quite popular right now.

The Winner Is, since it's premiere on Monday, June 10th has actually climbed in ratings, getting nearly 7 million households after The Voice's 12.3 million.

The Winner Is features two competitors singing against each other, but sing one at a time. Then 101 judges vote on who is the best but the two contestants do not get to see which one the 101 Judges favored. The contestants can be for or against themselves for money. It really sounds like The Battle and Knockout Rounds on The Voice, only with a game show-ey touch.

It's about time NBC picked up another singing game show, looking at the success of The Voice. Hey, even The Voice Kids could be coming soon.

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