Monday, June 17, 2013

'The Price is Right' and 'Wheel of Fortune'

There have been a few blurbs and bubbles, especially this year involving questions with possible acquisitions of modern Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right. My answer: I'm not sure. I have not been given any information. From what I understand...

The Price is Right: 40-year-old running game show with six daytime Emmys that still attracts more than five million viewers every morning on CBS. "Supposedly," picking up one season of The Price is Right is not nearly as expensive as Wheel of Fortune. But, in order for GSN to air The Price is Right, it could not be in weekday daytime. It is also believed that CBS & Price production companies believe that if GSN were to show modern episodes of The Price is Right with Drew Carey, it would hurt daytime new runs.

Wheel of Fortune: Wheel is too expensive to acquire, while any season that GSN could afford would be nearly ten years old. Otherwise, without a problem, it would be on the network

The Price is Right would fit in well with GSN's audience. It is a true, modern game show. I could see modern runs of The Price is Right dragging in a new audience to GSN as well. Wheel of Fortune, along with The Price is Right both have huge potential in crushing ratings, even anything Family Feud currently gets. Sure, not every episode would get six to seven hundred thousands viewers, but many potentially could.

Within the next year we'll most likely see something like Who's Still Standing, syndie 5th Grader, Millionaire or Let's Ask America, I have a feeling. Still, as we have seen in the past, anything is possible.


  1. I'm a little surprised no one has tossed out the option of running daily CBS LMaD and TPiR on GSN in prime time on a daily delayed basis. It's worked for Soapnet.

    1. I do believe Let's Make a Deal has a much better chance of getting on GSN then The Price is Right. Honestly, not quite sure why LMAD has nit landed on cable yet.