Saturday, June 8, 2013

'The Chase': What date?

About a month ago an e-mail was circulating and eventually sent to me from production and casting of The Chase stating that the show is "Coming in August", where Thursday, August 15th was the first date set. Then last week, August 22nd was the new proposed date.

Chad Mosher reports on Twitter earlier today that he has heard the "anticipated premiere date for the program is Tuesday, September 3rd'. I've heard nothing about this, but Chad is most likely as right as possible at this point. Either a Tuesday or Thursday night would make sense.

As of now, who knows. Thursday just makes more sense where American Bible Challenge was launched, and as of now there's less to compete with in broadcast primetime looking ahead at the Fall schedules.

Casey Abell even discusses The Chase, some photos and gameplay, plus this: 

"I get the feeling that we'll see results somewhere between GSN's Pyramid and the Bible quizzer. In other words, The Chase will perform respectably but not spectacularly. (All this is by GSN standards, of course.) Except for rabid fans of Brit game shows - not much of a group on this side of the pond outside of a few web boards - there's no built-in audience for the show as there is for American Bible Challenge." 

There's a huge point there Casey has, and I have the same feeling about. The Chase will not be a smash-hit, and at this rate will attract an out-of-GSN-audience but not as big of an outside audience that American Bible Challenge did. There's no huge following for The Chase since most of the show's fan base core is overseas and at Buzzerblog.

Nothing has been said from GSN yet. No press release, facebook posts or tweets for The Chase, just a lot about Minute to Win It. We're still waiting to here about American Bible Challenge casting. I do expect us to know the official premiere date and time for The Chase from GSN in early July.


  1. I'll tell you when it is scheduled to air, but you'll delete my comment anyway and claim you were first to report it. It's episode 104. Tell GSN that and watch them squirm.

  2. I would be the last one to know the exact episode number. It's still two to three months away, not saying I don't trust you. It's just that I've seen episode numbers change hours before an episode of a show aired (i.e. Beat the Chefs, Woolery Lingo, Newlywed Game)

    I don't normally delete comments around here unless they're explicit, contain cursing or leaking news that shouldn't be leaked, even on this little blog.

    1. That's just a lie. You delete whatever you want. And that's your right. What news shouldn't be leaked? The stuff GSN tells you it doesn't want on here? Like Brooke Burns can't host a show without shrieking? Like the Beast called them out for an incorrect question? Like questions had to be made easier because the contestants weren't doing well?