Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Chase 'a smash hit'?

Looking through the Buzzerblog comment section today on this article for the premiere date for The Chase, which is August 6th, a few hard-core Chase posters believe the series will become GSN's next big hit.

Of course the last two breakout GSN hits were Baggage in 2010, and now American Bible Challenge which is currently set to have a third season by early 2014. Just at this point, I find it difficult to comprehend that The Chase will be huge.

There are a few reasons The Chase could be a smash-hit. First, from nearly everyone that worked for the production or saw a show, there was much praise for Brooke Burns, Mark Labbett and the contestants and game itself. The show has a great timeslot for GSN, Tuesdays at 9pm after the (hopefully) good lead-in of Minute to Win It.

The Chase could also be a sensation for this reason: "New to America" things have worked for GSN. Baggage, American Bible Challenge and now The Chase, all completely different than any other previous American shows. While revivals have failed recently, with Newlywed Game is the exception.

Reasons The Chase will do moderately well but will not be a smash-hit is that The Chase has no reason to be a bad original and to disappoint us like The Pyramid did. Quizzers, as we see with American Bible Challenge, can work. It's just that Bible attracts a religious audience which we've seen is in fact a huge audience, while The Chase does not have much of a fan core here in the States.

I absolutely can not see this one failing, but neither a smash-hit. Then again the same thoughts were going around about American Bible Challenge. But with Bible, Foxworthy had a huge surge with hosting 5th Grader for four years. GSN has not convinced me yet that The Chase will set record-breaking numbers.

A promo for The Chase, which has aired on GSN can be seen here.

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