Friday, June 7, 2013

Schedule change suggestions (Daytime): Summer 2013

I'll play GSN Forum Board here.

No doubt GSN has been killing in ratings for about the past three months now, and even a year ago around now is when the ratings started to spike with the addition of more Steve Harvey Family Feud leading into primetime.

Really analyzing the ratings, here could be some weekday schedule changes that could be worthwhile:

12:00pm: Match Game (replacing 100K Pyramid)
2:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replacing Catch 21)
2:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey) (replacing Lingo)
3:00pm: Catch 21 (replacing Chain Reaction)
3:30pm: Lingo (Engvall) (replacing Chain Reaction)
5:00pm Chain Reaction (replacing O'Hurley Feud)
5:30pm Chain Reaction (replacing O'Hurley Feud)

Reasoning: $100,000 Pyramid at noon tends to be even lower rated than Match Game and Press Your Luck earlier on. Then, whenever there's been a Steve Harvey Family Feud marathon, numbers peak post-2pm. Have Harvey Feud serve as a lead-in to Catch 21 and Lingo, in which an hour later in the day should only help them, then push Chain Reaction to 5pm where like most daytime shows, the-later-the-better.

Or simply Match Game at noon, and if it does well the whole noon hour, 2-5pm remaining the same, and then Steve Harvey's Family Feud from 5-6pm. Yes, more Harvey but sorry. It's one of the few things that works for GSN lately.

These are just my schedule ideas/predictions, nothing for GSN itself.


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  1. I would love an hour of Match Game at noon! I don't mind Harvey Feud at 2:00pm but I'm not sure that it would be the best lead in time, but for the summer, it should be fine. Harvey Feud's been sparking the younger demos so the after school time would be good. I had just realized it's early June. I think pushing the Harvey lead in hour to 3 would be just slightly better, push Catch 21 and Engvall Lingo to the 4:00 hour, Chain at 5, so Feud can lead on those three shows and the 6:00 Harvey hour and the primetime block. That leaves the 2:00 hour open, maybe to 5th grader? Then the 1:00 hour's open... and that's where another classic or two falls into place. See that, just pleased everyone. I think GSN picking up a Dawson/Combs 1:00 hour would be nifty... and wouldn't make much argument from the "Classics 24/7" people. I still like the idea though!