Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rumorville: Upcoming GSN acquisitions

The most recent GSN acquisition that wasn't a pre-1990 was Minute to Win It last July, then the re-acquisition of Dog Eat Dog. It's been a year, and even though GSN is getting some record numbers with Family Feud, 5th Grader, American Bible Challenge and maybe Minute to Win It and The Chase sometime soon, there a few bubbles I've heard about some upcoming pick-ups.

In no particular order, here are a few game shows that a rumored to get acquired, possibly as soon as July:
Syndicated 5th Grader 
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Vieira)
Weakest Link (NBC) (83 episodes, 2001-02)
Take It All (6 episodes)
Who's Still Standing (9 episodes)

That's everything that has been tossed around lately. Sure, I would love something like Wheel of Fortune or Wayne's Let's Make a Deal to stir up the schedule, but unless a miracle happens, we will not see those shows anytime soon. But if anything, I'd rather see GSN acquire none of the above and go after very modern Wheel, which I'm sure would do extremely well.

I don't know what will happen, but something right now must be done about Friday nights. It's just my thoughts, but it would be wise to acquire a whole season of Meredith's Millionaire and give it a shot Friday. They don't have much too loose. If GSN wanted to, they could even re-acquire 1 vs 100 or Power of 10, but that's doubtful. I miss them though.

Dog Eat Dog is scheduled to leave the network in July after a one-year lease, but I've heard from a GSN rep they may keep Dog Eat Dog on the schedule to correspond with Burns hosting The Chase. GSN still has rights to NBC's Deal or No Deal, Dancing with the Stars and Million Dollar Password. I'm guessing Deal or MDP will fill the Saturday 3pm slot if Dog Eat Dog does leave in July.

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  1. A rumor isn't something you just made up. GSN has no interest in any of these shows.