Friday, June 21, 2013

Report: 'Dog Eat Dog' remaining on schedule through 2014

Between ratings and Brooke Burns chosen to host GSN's The Chase, decade-old NBC stunt show Dog Eat Dog is set to remain on the schedule for at least another six months.

Dog Eat Dog was re-acquired by Game Show Network in July 2012 and has been limited to weekends only since. It was rumored here at GameShowNetworkNews that the reruns were on their way out. Now, not set in stone but for now Dog Eat Dog can still be seen on weekends through the fall at least.

Since schedule changes at the beginning of June, Dog Eat Dog has actually risen in viewers in its solo 3pm Saturday slot. Prior to the change, the show would barely get 200,000 viewers weekend afternoons. Since the change three weeks ago, Dog Eat Dog has had 239,000 viewers (6/1), 245,000 viewers (6/8), 312,000 viewers (6/15).

The show that took the places of Dog Eat Dog Saturday and Sunday at 1 & 2pm, Minute to Win It is actually doing pretty well in those slots. I really think GSN this June has made some of the best schedule changes since last spring (2012)


  1. *cue TPIR Losing horns* Boooo! I hate Dog Eat Dog it's poor excuse for a game show ever!

    1. It's more of a game show than some of the other garbage GSN has pulled in the past three or four years and it brings in some decent numbers for a solo Saturday afternoon slot