Monday, June 10, 2013

'Pyramid' hour?

From the GameShowForum:

A user proposed a format that could be used for Pyramid to make the show an hour long without playing two long, half-hour rounds each. The user states that there should be 4 rounds, 15 minutes each (with commercials). In round one, two new contestants. In round two, two new contestants. In round three, the winner of round one versus two. In round four, the winner of game 3 versus the defending champion. One question: What if it's the first episode of the series? Who would be the defending champion then?

Jay Temple, apparently.
This GameShowForum user actually made sense and worked out a few flaws. Most of them made sense but did not address what I did above. The format does sound like a great idea, but even with good hosts and celebrities, an hour of Pyramid a day is a lot. It would have been wonderful if GSN used a format like this and turned it into a weekly, or gone Newlywed Game and aired four-half hour episodes a night per week (i.e. Thursday after American Bible Challenge last Fall)

Otherwise, besides the fact that an hour of Pyramid a day may be a bit much for the casual television viewer, Jay's format is fine and could work on U.S. Television today. I mean, in most markets there's an hour of Feud but this is different. As long as the contestants were better than the GSN version. Some say they were worse than Lingo 2011, but at the same time, Pyramid is H-A-R-D.

UPDATE: The original poster explained the format in question. "You're right that I didn't address how to do the first show. Keep in mind that the $20,000 was a continuous production with the 10. I would simply have had the winner of the last game of the 10 as the returning player on the 20. Even if he had $10,000, the fact that he didn't have $20,000 would mean that he still qualified."

At least he gave a legit answer. Thank you, Jay.

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