Monday, June 3, 2013

Opinion: Current GSN ads

There's a current thread spinning around the GSN boards about the current advertisements.

Some of the annoying GSN ads in the past couple years have been for Dancing with the Stars ("It's a fun game show without all the bells and buzzers") and for Family Trade ("It's a fun game show without all the bells and buzzers").

Besides yesterday, it's been quite some time since I've watched anything on GSN, even just an episode of Family Feud. From my memory, here are a few of the current advertisements on GSN:

-Minute to Win It: Featuring Apolo
-Minute to Win It: "300 Challenges"
-Minute to Win It: Time matters/"Every Second Counts"
-NBC Minute: Tuesday nights
-Baggage: Fridays 8/7c
-Newlywed Game "Brand New Season!" (False): Thursday & Sunday nights
-Family Feud "What is Steve Harvey Doing on GSN?" (A year old)
-Family Feud: Congratulating Steve on Outstanding Game Show Host Nominations
-"Old and New": Focusing on previous and current GSN Originals

Currently, most of them are good. The Old and New Minute to Win It ones are extremely constant. The only thing that's annoying about GSN self-promoted ads is when they keep popping up at the bottom of the screen, especially during Lingo, Chain Reaction, Password and Pyramid.

But, GSN viewership shows that GSN is doing nothing wrong, so I guess I don't have strong disagreement against anything they do.

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