Sunday, June 30, 2013

'Minute to Win It' episode 2 recap.

Airdate: 6/25/13 9PM:

Team Visionaries: Luke and Derek try to win enough money to pay for Luke's eye surgery. Luke is blind in his left eye.

Level 1 ($1,000): Candelier: One contestant must use cans and paper lids to stack an inverted Pyramid. Pyramid must reach 5 levels.

Derek plays. He completes the task in 35 seconds.

Level 2 ($2,000): Spin Doctor: Both contestants plays. One spins a coin across the table. Another must catch the coin on the table sideways yup with one finger.

Team Visionaries complete the task in 7 seconds.

Level 3 ($3,000): A Bit Dicey: One contestant must build and balance six dice on a stick off their tounge.

Derek plays. He will not succeed. The dice fell off the popsicle stick. Team Visionaries have two lives remaining.

A Bit Dicey (2): Luke plays. He achieves the task in 28 seconds.

Level 4 ($5,000): Office Fling: One contestant uses an overturned office chair to fling a string onto a table across the studio.

Luke plays. He completes the stunt in 26 seconds.

Level 5 ($10,000): Triple Pong Plop: Both contestants must bounce balls on three plates into a container. Four balls must land in the container

Team Visionaries will lock in $10,000 if they get this stunt. Team Visionaries win in 17 seconds.

Level 6 ($15,000): Separation Anxiety: One contestant must separate red, orange, yellow, green and blue pieces of candy in order into five separate containers.

Derek plays. He wins in 59 seconds.

Level 7 ($25,000): CD Dominoes: One contestant will set up a domino case of CD boxes to knock one into a container. The dominos will make a U shape.

Luke plays. He fails to complete the task. Team Visionaries have one life remaining.

CD Dominoes (2): Derek plays. He completes the task in sixty seconds.

Team Visionaries have $25,000 guaranteed.

Level 8 ($50,000): Punch Your Lights Out: One player must through bean bags at nine lights. All nine lights must be knocked out.

Luke plays, and knocks only seven lights out. Team Visionaries are out of lives.

Team Visionaries win $25,000.

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