Friday, June 21, 2013

Keep piling it on: 'Family Feud'

Looking at the absolute dominance of Steve Harvey's Family Feud on GSN and the latest GSN schedule change on Saturdays, for the whole eight hours of Family Feud (with the latter four hours a repeat of the first four), the lowest rated Feud episode had 275,000 viewers at 7pm. The whole night there were only three other episodes below 300K. Just below is the version by version breakdown:

Saturday night:
Karn (4pm, 9pm): 336,000 viewers
O'Hurley (5pm, 8pm): 325,000 viewers
Harvey (6-8pm): 318,000 viewers
Harvey (10pm-12am): 443,000 viewers

Other facts: From the whole week, Out of the 104 airings of Family Feud, only 21 episodes were rated below 260,000 viewers, just around where the highest rated pre-1990 show of the week was. All episodes of Family Feud averaged 344,000 viewers. Harvey averaged 360,000 viewers, including the late night runs. Without the late-night runs (after 1am), Harvey Feud averaged 427,000 viewers. Karn: 314,000 viewers; O'Hurley: 285,000 viewers.

Plus: Looking up and down the list, newly GSN acquired special Game Show Moments Gone Bananas had a decent number, 284,000 viewers. That number would normally sound pretty good but not when Steve Harvey's Family Feud had 476,000 and 486,000 viewers the hour before, twelth and thirteenth place of the week.

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