Sunday, June 23, 2013

How 'Minute to Win It' will have same fate of 'Pyramid' revival

We are two days away from GSN's newest original Minute to Win It, the stunt-based game show hosted by speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno. Besides mine, the series has already had several reviews in neutral territory of good and bad.

Both The Pyramid and the (new) Minute to Win It are great productions from the naked eye but if you know the previous versions of those two shows, you'll know that they are similar.

Ratings for The Pyramid began to tank after the first week. The averages are listed below.

Week 1: 517K
Week 2: 329K
Week 3: 344K
Week 4: 341K
Week 5: 314K
Week 6: 279K
Week 7: 276K
Week 8: 268K
Total: 334K

To look back historically, one-season Lingo in 2011 averaged better over eight weeks with 359,000 households versus Pyramid's 334,000.

What happened with The Pyramid last Fall could easily be repeated with Minute: Ratings are great in the beginning but then the show tanks. Just like Pyramid, Minute to Win It will get new episodes around the schedule besides the original slot, according to the July advanced schedules.

By August if Minute to Win It does tank then the premiere of The Chase by my guess would get moved up to 8 pm, or Harvey Feud would take the 8pm hour every week thereafter.

As a disclaimer, I normally do not want originals or any game show pick-ups to fail for GSN. Of course, just like most traditional game show fans I kept hoping that shows like Dancing with the Stars and most recently Pawn Stars 2.0 would fade quickly.

Minute to Win It premieres Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific on Game Show Network.


  1. I feel, unfortunately, that's the way it'll happen too. Unless, on a week to week basis, that M2WI can continue promoting something new each week. That probably won't happen. And with 40 episodes with one or two new a week, it'll fade unfortunately. But, you never know, they may love it that much.

  2. When MTWI was on NBC, my interest began to flag after the third episode. Although Guy Fieri's shrill voice was annoying, he did have great energy and enthusiasm and could keep the show on track. My beef with the rest of it-the overly obnoxious contestants-some who are clearly actors following the producer's direction of being overly perky and to have some contrived hook or backstory is nauseating. Mr. Ohno should be saying "oh no, I'm gonna get canceled!" GSN clearly gambled with this reincarnation