Monday, June 10, 2013

Hollywood Junket report among others for GSN's 'The Chase'

Hollywood Junket discusses some information from the past few days' shooting of The Chase.
Americans Beat Back The Beast – THE CHASE Exclusive!
From Hollywood Junket and only Hollywood Junket, the questions are "difficult", which they should be for $5,000 a pop. Reportedly, many contestants got most of the rapid fire questions right. There were no flops from basically all contestants. The great news is for Burns and Labbett. They supposedly have back and forth chemistry with each other and challenge each other's knowledge. Labbett also has good chemistry with the contestants during the "Beat the Beast" round.

From what I've heard, there were a couple of first day jitters from Brooke Burns among contestants and moving along with the questions. The same jitters happened with Lingo in 2011, I recall, but were later improved and fixed. There were zero technology foul-ups and all of the contestants were really good which is a great sign, after the tough casting call and cut.

I'm just very curious if this will be a surprise break-out hit for GSN, like Deal or No Deal was for NBC. I.e., Mandel was fairly unpopular in 2005 only in a few shows and a couple appearances on talk shows within the previous decade. The format for Deal or No Deal was well-known overseas, but not in the U.S. Placed in a good spot in primetime, Deal or No Deal worked. I'm curious if The Chase will too.

Reportedly, seems like GSN is sneaking a few biblical questions into this one. Otherwise, most questions have been really tough. A lot of contestants are walking away with a lot of money. I'm not sure which contestants have what, but we'll have to tune in late this Summer to find out.