Thursday, June 13, 2013

GSN Schedules July 1-August 4

From Casey Abell/Game Show Follies:

July 1-7
July 8-14
July 15-21
July 22-28
July 29-August 4

For classics, the "New to GSN" episodes for Sale of the Century end Monday, July 1st. Otherwise, no classics are affected.

It appears that GSN is trying to sneak in new episodes of Ohno's Minute to Win It during different parts of the schedule besides Tuesday nights at 8pm. On weekends, there are a few Feud episode numbers changed around but there's really nothing else to report. The 09-10 episodes of O'Hurley Feud also end in July.

This year, there are zero holiday marathons on July 4-5, which actually surprises me. Last year they managed to sneak in three days of Dancing with the Stars, this year I thought they'd try Family Trade or two full days of Feud for all we know. Regular schedule July 4-5.


  1. Even GSN isn't dumb enough to keep scheduling things no one is watching. At some point, though, they will show a marathon of the three winning episodes of The Chase.

    1. Again, JP, but could you please chill with the spoilers? Just because you try to disprove Scott doesn't mean others should have to pay a price.

  2. You know, 'Anonymous', from how I see it, JP is an insider for 'The Chase' and has something to do with the production of the show/knows someone who's seen the show. JP most likely cannot tell you much about any other GSN original.

    I would just like to see him come out and clear ^^this^^ up.

  3. Just so I get this right, you're responding to someone known as "Anonymous" and asking me to "come clean" as to who I am? Yeah, that makes sense.

    My point is that the author of this so called inside source for information on GSN has NONE other than what he steals from others and claims he got it from the inside. His amateur analysis is a joke, but he pretends to know what he's talking about.

    What would you like to know about other GSN originals? I don't claim to know everything. Why are you so obsessed with who I am and what I know? Just like GSN, you should spend your time on other things.

    Despite all of that, Anonymous makes a good point and I won't post spoilers without adequate warning.

    1. Dude, chill. Scott is just saying you're knowledge about GSN is limited to The Chase. He obviously has insider information he's posted on *this exact blog* that is purely correct.

  4. I wonder if this "JP" is as unlikable in real life as he is on a message board.