Thursday, June 6, 2013

GSN Ratings May 27-June 2, 2013

From Douglas Pucci at Son of the Bronx, Steve Harvey's Family Feud took the top 17 out of 21 slots while 5th Grader had three slots and Chain Reaction had one slot rated above 450,000 viewers.

8:00am Match Game 96K
8:30am Match Game 130K
9:00am Press Your Luck 146K
9:30am Sale of the Century 161K
10:00am $100,000 Pyramid 168K
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid 200K
11:00am Super Password 190K
11:30am Lingo 168K
12:00pm $100,000 Pyramid 151K
12:30pm $25,000 Pyramid 162K
1:00pm 5th Grader 196K
2:00pm Catch 21 299K
2:30pm Lingo 311K
3:00pm Chain Reaction 376K
3:30pm Chain Reaction 376K
4:00pm Family Feud 385K
4:30pm Family Feud 371K
5:00pm Family Feud 244K
5:30pm Family Feud 242K
6:00pm Family Feud 370K
6:30pm Family Feud 436K

Match Game had a very poor week with no episodes rated above 200,000 viewers. The highest rated classic this week was The $25,000 Pyramid with 244,000 viewers. The rest of the morning through 5th Grader turned out nicely. No complaints at all about Chain Reaction, which had a weaker showing than usual but still very strong. John O'Hurley Family Feud did rather poorly with 130,000 viewers on Friday, which affected Steve Harvey Feud on Friday with 221K (6pm) and 278K (6:30pm).

The 8am-6pm showings above were only Tuesday-Friday due to the Minute to Win It marathon.

Monday Family Feud (8-11PM): 329K
Tuesday Minute to Win It (8-11PM): 305K
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey) (7-11PM): 554K
Thursday Newlywed Game (8-10PM): 355K; Whole night (7-11PM): 350K
Friday Minute to Win It/Baggage (7-11PM): 183K; Baggage (8-10PM): 186K
Sunday 5th Grader (6-10PM): 483K

Monday and Tuesday did average, while Newlywed Game on Thursday had some great numbers, but nothing that can match up to Bible. Steve Harvey's Family Feud on Wednesday night during primetime had 650,000 viewers from 8-11pm, with the 9-11pm all in the top four slots of the week, all above 676K viewers. Baggage bombed, but 5th Grader had some fine numbers.

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