Sunday, June 16, 2013

Forum Buzz

It's occasional I'll spend time talking about a forum board. Starting here, A few posters believe that the network could be either on its way out with online gaming expansion, while others believe Steve Harvey's Family Feud will go down the way of Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? within the next 6-12 months.

First to focus on the network. It's not going anywhere. GSN is getting some of its best numbers ever. The online gaming is GSN's real cash-cow, but needs the network to advertise the games to hundreds of thousands. I.e., it's like a book store chain closing and expecting the consumer to flock to their website to buy. That does not happen.

GSN, as a network, is still creating originals and expanding into more households here in 2013-14, and I do not see the network leaving after that.

A couple forum posters also question the fate of Steve Harvey's Family Feud, which for the past year and one month has maintained the top schedule spot of each week with the exception of American Bible Challenge and 5th Grader once. Here, a forum poster shares some of the same ideas I do about Family Feud.

There's a difference between Regis' Millionaire in 2003, Deal or No Deal in 2009 compared to Family Feud in 2012-13. Both Millionaire and Deal were off the air by those years (except much-less-popular syndication) while Harvey Feud is still extremely popular in new runs and has dozens of "New to GSN" episodes from the 2011-12 season, while will air on GSN in June and July. Plus, Harvey Feud, by 2015 will have more episodes than network Deal or No Deal and Millionaire ever did.

With new runs of Family Feud still running, and the series still very popular in syndication, the GSN reruns will maintain there place for 5 to 7, maybe even 10 years. Karn and O'Hurley may start to dwindle by the end of this year, then wiped in 2014 (prediction), but Steve Harvey is not getting cutback anytime soon, with currently 64 runs a week.


  1. I will propose a wager...In ten years Harvey Feud will not air 64 times a week. Let's make it fun and I'll put up $50 vs. your $5. That's 10 to one and gives you the better odds. Okay??? For the sake of argument, let's make it the week after 6/15/23.

    1. Ten years from now, it will probably still have some presence on the schedule, but not as much. Most likely the way Karn and O'Hurley do now.

      There's logic put into this but it also depends when Steve Harvey leaves Family Feud. His contract ends at the end of the 2014-15 season. Steve has expressed he would rather concentrate on his syndicated talk show (renewed through 2016) and radio, in Atlanta. I'm sure Fremantle will be willing to pay more $$$ to keep Steve around a couple years down the road.

      Say if Steve Harvey stays on Family Feud through around/at the end of this decade, then he will still have a huge presence on the network in ten years.

      But who knows if the GSN as we know it will exist in 10, 8, 5 or 2 years. Maybe Post-2010 'Wheel' and 'The Price is Right' will come around and will make Steve Harvey Feud look weak, narrowing him down to a couple dozen slots a week. Maybe, unlikely, but syndie Feud will tank around 2014/15/16 and the series will grow stale.

      But my ultimate 'Feud' prediction is that Harvey will choose to stay on 'Feud' until around 2018(I mean come on, the episodes film so quickly in the early Summer), and the reruns will continue with much strength on GSN.