Monday, June 3, 2013

Featured game show blogs: GameShowNewsNet,

This week, someome sent me a link to one game show blog that has been around for quite some time, GameShowNewsNet, while another by Chad Mosher went under a much-needed update.

Game Show Newsnet. Thanks for Playing.First, GameShowNewsNet features a lot of news in and out of just "game" shows. Much of the blog focuses on broadcast ratings, news from America's Got Talent, Idol and The Voice, cable game shows and other major-network affairs. Besides the GSN schedule being extremely out-dated (April-May 2012), the website is very informational.
Next is Chad Mosher's Blog. Well, it's not really a game show "news" blog, and it's more of a huge resume. Looks like Chad is trying to get himself a major job in the game show business, especially with the title "Professional Game Show Host". Try him out (again) GSN.

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