Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Before I post any other ratings for the week of June 17-23 from Douglas Pucci, there is something that I have pointed out many times before and must be pointed out this week. Friday primetime that is:

8:00pm Baggage: 83K
8:30pm Baggage: 78K
9:00pm Baggage: 180K
9:30pm Baggage: 246K

This is after a 132,000 number from Minute to Win It at 7pm and before 187,000 viewers for Minute to Win It at 10pm.

Just because Harvey Feud was down on Friday (293K at 6pm; 307K at 6:30pm) is not an excuse, even during the Summer.

Several episodes of Baggage of 3:00am and 3:30am and Match Game at 8:00am and 8:30am beat out Baggage in Friday night primetime.

Something needs to happen. What would you do with Friday nights?

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  1. I would do one of two things to Friday night. Although being just about as tough as the 11am M-F hour, I think a Friday night classics block would do the trick. But part of the trick is getting two classics not currently on the schedule. Adding something new to the current schedule will get some ratings after a early struggle. Consider that Baggage is shown regularly on GSN, going to watch it at 8pm on a Friday is hardly worth it. There'd be more people setting their DVRs to Tic Tac Dough, Blockbusters, The Joker's Wild, Password (classic), or even pre-1995 Family Feud. Even if they don't go to classics, they can try putting on their older originals such as Friend or Foe, Russian Roulette, Hollywood Showdown, Cram, etc. Nothing could do worse in this time slot.