Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thoughts before 'Minute' preview

The past two days we have discussed some of the upsides and downfalls of GSN's new version of Minute to Win It so far, which has a sneak preview tonight, May 23rd after the American Bible Challenge season finale.

Minute to Win It could easily be a hit for GSN. The NBC version was capable of lasting two years with 68 episodes. Though, like most primetime game shows, gimmicks would get in the way of actual gameplay.

I have some, but not a ton of confidence that GSN will trash time-wasting materials, including surprise phone calls and marriage proposals. I.E., the NBC version would feature four to five stunts in the matter of a half-hour, with commercials. The GSN version will hopefully increase that amount.

The most unattractive part of NBC version is when a commercial would cut into the start or middle of the stunt. If the GSN version stops that mentality, I'll be very happy.

There will still be a few flaws on the new Minute to Win It. No GSN first season original has been perfect. Most have been fine-tuned if there was a second season (i.e. Newlywed Game, Baggage, Catch 21).

I am not highly confident that GSN viewers will support Minute to Win It well-enough for a second season. Minute will definitely not be a huge flop, but by all means do I think it will see new runs with a million viewers or so. We will wait, and see how tonight goes.

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