Sunday, May 12, 2013

Theory: 'Wheel of Fortune' to GSN in late 2013?

Remember, these are just predictions from GameShowNetworkNews and have no source backing these predictions.

For nearly the past three years, Wheel of Fortune has not seen light-of-day on the Game Show Network. Depending on the status of some of their new originals, Wheel of Fortune could see some airtime back on the network.

GSN currently does not have the rights to Wheel of Fortune, while other shows including Dancing with the Stars, Donny Osmond's Pyramid, Card Sharks and Deal or No Deal are still in their respective leases, but do not have airtime on the network.

If The Chase among other originals do very well: GSN will have extra revenue to spend on such acquisitions. Last year, American Bible Challenge had mass success and Card Sharks plus Press Your Luck were picked up in the Fall. Yes, much cheaper than Wheel, but if GSN can get the revenue, they'll acquire something worth-while.

If The Chase among other originals bomb: In the Spring and Summer of 2011, GSN had three failing originals that were heavily promoted in and out of GSN. That Fall, 5th Grader was acquired and has worked wonders since. The reasoning for GSN acquiring 5th Grader was that nothing else was working on the network, therefore something needed to be done to keep the network alive.

I have a feeling throughout this year some other acquisitions will be made, including Cash Cab, Meredith's Millionaire, or even Take It All (since GSN clings to Howie). GSN has not mad one acquisition this year yet, except re-acquiring this out of nowhere.

ALSO: Tomorrow we will have an update on some of the new GSN series mentioned in the upfronts including The Chase, The Impostor and Mind of a Man, and the status of those shows and others being developed.

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