Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The return of Brooke Burns

Word is getting around this morning that Brooke Burns, former host of game show Dog Eat Dog will be hosting The Chase this Summer on GSN. An official announcement has yet to be made by GSN.

Burns had been tweeting the past few days about an upcoming show on GSN of hers. Previously, Burns piloted dating show Where Have You Been All My Life, which reportedly the show's pilot and format did not work out to GSN's liking. Now, Burns is following the trend with GSN on how they pick their hosts depending on how well their past game show reruns have done. (i.e. Foxworthy and 5th Grader)

Based on Dog Eat Dog, this may not be the best choice. Burns over-shadowed the contestant-factor on Dog Eat Dog nearly too much.

This will be a test for GSN and even future quizzers. One, is that if quizzers could work on American TV again. The last two major hard-quizzers were Millionaire and 1 vs 100, which started seven and fourteen years ago. Second is if a non-serious host could work on a very-serious quizzer. Meredith on Millionaire worked, so there's a chance this can too.

Previously, to my knowledge and Deadline.com, Dan Patrick of NBC Sports was set to host The Chase until negotiations fell through within the past few weeks.

Casting has already been finalized. Taping begins in June. The Chase is (unofficially) set to premiere in August.


  1. Since you know so much, what happened with the Dan Patrick situation?

    1. Two weeks ago, Patrick was interested by the offer by GSN did not follow through. That's all I know, now that I can (legally) tell.

  2. You might learn about the delay in The Chase taping. Hmmmmm.

    1. You beat me to that, if true.

      Unless a taping is completely axed I normally don't report it