Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Steve growing old?

A reader commented on Casey Abell's blog about how Steve Harvey's Family Feud contains constant "R Rated" jokes are causing a ratings-downfall.

Just this season alone, after a 270% viewership increase since mid-2010, Family Feud saw highs with a 5.3 household rating, and has recently fallen down to a 4.3. Since the Spring, a lot of viewers would rather spend time outside with recreational activities. Remember, this does happen with syndicated TV shows every year for the most part.

But it does seem like a huge decrease, nearly 20%, that Family Feud has dropped within three months, now down to a 4.3 household rating. Some of the "R Rated" jokes are getting old, I will admit. I partially agree with, well, "No Name", but I bet Feud will see 5.0 again in the 2013-14 season, possibly breaking new records.

I can definitely see more affiliates giving Family Feud even better slots. For example, the current affiliates that  have Feud in the 5pm hour will move it up to the 6pm or 7pm hour, a better chance in the 6pm hour in my opinion. Also, any affiliate that doesn't have a double-run slot for Feud I'm sure will get a double-run next season.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud does stay afloat on GSN, and there's no end in sight. I'm still surprised Family Feud isn't even getting more slots on GSN now.

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