Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Status update: 'Mind of a Man', 'The Impostor' plus 'The Chase'

Here's what has been passed down to me this week so far: First, The Impostor

Previously mentioned in the 2013-14 upfronts (to which a casting call was sent out during the Winter somewhere), The Impostor is a show where a contestant is placed into a family with fix or six members, but one is not real. To win $XX,000, the contestant in that weekend must figure out which contestant is "The Impostor" in the family.

Previously The Impostor was not green-lit (only The Chase and Minute to Win It were), but now it is set to premiere in October. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Speaking of The Chase, there a few buzzes that it is set to premiere Thursday, August 15th [give or take a week, but as close to "set in stone" as possible at this point] and will (supposedly) go along with the third season of American Bible Challenge.

Mind of a Man was not the dating show that had the pilot, but now has a much better chance of seeing the-light-of-day. No premiere date is close to being set, but it is suppose to be in the works (filming date, host search). A casting call was sent out on Craigslist during the Winter. On Mind of a Man, female contestants can win up to $15,000 [which I'm sure may be raised to $25K] by guessing what guys think.


  1. The Imposter seems interesting, Mind of a Man doesn't seem bad, but I really can't wait for the Chase. I just hope when the Chaser puts up the offers, the higher one isn't just $5,000, so the contestants can go for big money. I feel so good about GSN's growing success this year.

  2. I'm really excited for 'Mind of a Man'. I pitched a format idea which I'll post later tonight or tomorrow morning [expect it to be tomorrow].

    I do hope GSN continues to grow, but I'll doubt they'll ever be able to maintain the status of "Major cable network" like they've previously claimed.