Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quiet News Day

The Minute to Win It audience cheers on the contestants I personally have had a busy day, and thankful there is nothing huge to report. For those of you interested, here are some more set pictures that are on the GSN Corporate page, and featured in Buzzerblog.

The Minute to Win It money-ladder has still not been released, surprisingly, since there was a whole audience watching all 40 episodes. All we know is that the first level is worth $1,000 [therefore MTWI will not be as cheap as 1 vs 100], the ninth level is worth $125,000 and the tenth is worth $250,000, the top prize. There are three lives as well, just like the NBC version.

ALSO: There is a host for The Chase. We have the name. I just will not release the name at this point until GSN won't neuter me because I tell.


  1. Alex Davis reports: An offer to The Chase host is apparently out. We'll reveal when I can. And by "when I can" I mean "when GSN won't castrate me."

    Then you report it as if you know who it is (I'm sure you don't) and that GSN is going to neuter you. If you're going to steal someone else's information, give them credit. Or at least don't steal they joke.

    Here's what I know to be true. There is no host for The Chase. GSN put an offer out to someone but that's all. Get your facts straight before you report things. But don't pretend to know things you don't.

    1. First, I didn't see Alex's tweet until the day after I wrote this. So let's clear that up.

      I did hear Monday from a GSN Representative that an offer was turned down. Currently, as of this morning even, there are still two names being floated around for the role of host. Just can't say who yet, until there is something made official by GSN.

      [They are being very selective though. I can tell you that.]