Monday, May 13, 2013

Our mission here at GameShowNetworkNews

There are a couple things I need to clarify today, since there were a couple issues with comments earlier.

I'm not quite sure what half of some of the comments on my blog have to do with GAME SHOWS anymore, which is what this blog is actually about. Even I am mature enough to know that childish name-calling is not right. I'm not here to cause drama, where other people start it. This type of strange and disrespectful behavior is not permitted here at GameShowNetworkNews. And seriosuly, if you prefer to take your anger out with someone online who has had no wrongdoing on YOUR life, that's a sick issue.

In other words, I won't delete comments unless they are explicit which I've had to do. Also, try to state your actual name/GameShowForum user name when publishing comments, either positive or negative. 'Anonymous' remains an option, but I prefer a name of some sort. I do not delete comments or Ban IP Addresses since I am not trying to run away from my own problems, Alex. I just don't tolerate babies.

Thank you.


  1. Well said, This is among the top places I go to daily for Game Show news, especially GSN news.

  2. Talking about babies, does anybody have the episode of Press Your Luck where they awarded a real, live baby as a prize. When the contestant landed on the prize, she said "toss it back, I don't want it" and then walked off. Peter looked at the camera and went "what the hell was that?" Does anybody have that episode on tape?

  3. I don't have that episode, but I do have the episode where a Whammy appeared to defecate on the scoreboard. Maybe someone would want to trade?