Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mind of a Man Format Part 1: Season overview

As promised, here is a look at a sample format for a potential upcoming series for GSN, yet has not been officially green-lit yet.

This is an example of a continuous (not just one episode) season overview, where the female contestants can be seen in more than one episode.

-Order 40 episodes

-4 episodes would air a night for ten weeks. This would be a weekly series.

-Cast 81 female contestants

-Just like American Bible Challenge, there will be a Semi-Final and Finale. In this format of Mind of a Man, there would be the First Round (81 contestants)-Second Round (27 Contestants left)-Third Round (9 left)- Final Round (3 left, winner chosen).

First Round Would Air: First three episodes out of four for the first nine weeks (27 episodes)

Second Round Would Air: Fourth episode of the night for first nine weeks (9 episodes)

Third Round Would Air: In the tenth and final week, first three episodes (3 episodes, Semi-Final)

Mind of a ManFourth Round Would Air: In the tenth and final week, last episode. (1 episode, Finale)

-Per episode, start out with three contestants then narrow down to the promised two.

- For the first nine weeks, The first three episodes would contain sets of three women. Per each of the three episodes, the single winner would move on to the final episode of the night.

-Per episode, out of the three women, one would be eliminated early. The other two would face off until one wins at the end.

-The winner for each First Round episode will advance to the final episode of the night, the Second Round for nine weeks. The winner of the final episode in the Second Round will advance to the Semi-Final in the tenth week, then the Finale Night with the final three contestants.

This may be hard to follow and I apologize. If this doesn't work for Mind of a Man, it (was) considered for Newlywed Game and could be used someday for a 40-episode order of an original.

Part two, the gameplay will be released here on Monday, May 20th.


  1. You realize we all know you're making this stuff up, right? As dumb as the people are that make programming decisions at GSN, they're not THIS dumb.

  2. This is not the actual format of 'Mind of a Man'. It was one pitched to GSN a week or two back. That's why it says at the top "Sample Format".

    'Mind of a Man' hasn't even been green-lit yet.